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MiniServer Web Advantages

BulletThe wave has come, and people are surfing the World Wide Web by the millions. Potential customers are looking for information about your companies products and services on the Internet. Are you there for them? Visitors to your company's website can learn about your company and your products or services, place orders online, provide feedback, and so much more!

bulletWith the MiniServer Service, it is now possible for your company to reach the millions of homes that are online every day. Never before has it been so easy to set up your business presence on the Internet. With the MiniServer Service, you have available to you 75 megs of storage space for your files. You can now provide visitors to your site with information which is well organized in an efficent and cost effective manner.

bulletDisplay a more professional appearance to your customers with the MiniServer Service, as well as benefit from the cost savings. Your home page address will appear as "" and not "" as it would with a lesser service or in a web mall.

bulletAs an extra added convenience, you can optionally add Netscape Compatable Encryption to your Mini Server. Your customers will feel confident sending you their information online because they know it will be a secure transaction.

bulletNow you will not have the hassle of the extra added costs of setting up and maintaining a full blown Internet server to offer Web services for your customers and clients!

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