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You have a small office. There are three systems in the entire organization. Security is not a very big concern. Remote access is the least of your worries. Why do they think you have to pay thousands of dollars for hardware and software to set up a network in your office?

If this situation sounds familiar to you, let Compsultant Services help. If you just wish to share files and printers to help increase office productivity while keeping hardware and software costs down, chances are you might be half way to achieving your goals already. If you feel a small network would really be beneficial, but it costs too much money for the return. If the benefits of a full blown network do not out weigh the administration costs. Let Compsultant Services ease your worries by ending those thoughts of how networking would help you. Prices start as low as $99.00* for a two system network.
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*Price is based on a two computer peer to peer network with both computers running Windows® 95 or higher, using BNC cabling without a hub. Cable costs and labor to install cable runs is extra.

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