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The new system was supposed to be the latest and greatest thing going, but it seems slower then the one you traded in. The new modem and video card was supposed to take care of the speed problems, but it is worse now then before. Both situations can be frustrating when a computer upgrade just does not live up to your expectations. Even most of the brand new, just out of the box computers today are not configured properly to perform at their greatest potential. Manufacturers stick you with a conservative and safe setup to help cut down on the tech support calls.

Ensure your computer is configured correctly for the hardware you are using by letting Compsultants do a thorough exam of the hardware settings and configurations. We will probe your computer to asses the hardware which is in use, the drivers that hardware is using, and the settings of the hardware. Conflicts which are found will be reported to you, and resolved so you can start gaining the benefits of a smoothly running computer. Compsultant Services will also upon your request research your hardware to obtain the latest drivers which support your hardware for optimal performance. Prices start at $69.00 per system.
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