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Today's software takes it's toll on your PC. Starting with high end minimum processor requirements, all the way to outragous hard drive requirements, software is becoming bigger and more processor intensive. Trying to add new capacities such as scanners, modems, removable storage and CD-ROMs has become a nightmare finding available system resources. Sometimes upgrading one component requires an upgrade of other components.

Even if your PC is only a year or two old, it might be worth the effort of doing an upgrade. When your computer seems to be taking longer and longer to complete your tasks, we can check into your situation and help you decide if the problems are just setup related, or it is time to upgrade. If you wish to add more resources to your system such as a scanner or CD-ROM, let us take the hassle out of finding free IRQs, DMA channels, or I/O addresses.

Using hardware supplied by Compsultant Services or by you, upgrading your system should be a rewarding experiance. Let us help you make your system perform up to your standards.
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